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Blockchain review platform

What is Futourist?

Futourist is the first block-chain based review platform that rewards you for your content. You create reviews, share and get paid.

Reviews are one of the most trustworthy and helpful kinds of information found on the internet. They shape how we see things on daily basis, and most importantly - they are directly correlated to business revenue. So if you help others, if you recommend them a certain service, we believe you should get rewarded!

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Internet of experiences


Futourist is the first platform that allows every user to monetise their content. With implementation of peer-to-peer economy we are fundamentally changing the perception of “free content” and giving people what they deserve.

Content on social media became the stepping stone to massive financial gain for the platform rather than the creator. Steve Olenski , published on Aug. 9, 2017

Futourist app preview

Blockchain technology

"The revenue of the content industry is expected to be worth more than $313 billion by the year 2019!"

Using proof of content and blockchain technology to deliver credibility and trust of everyday reviews. Building the bridge between content creators and content industry, which is expected to be worth more than $313 billion by year 2019. Transparently rewarding everyone who creates and curates content on our platform with a custom protocol solution.

This is your time to change the future.

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How does it work?

Futourist pays you for creating reviews

01. Travel
Search through places - watch video reviews - visit the best place.

02. Review
Shoot a video - rate the place. “A picture says a thousand words and a video shows a thousand pictures”.

03. Get paid
Collect your rewards - get fans to follow your travel reviews.

More than just an idea

Starting with 1 million users

Unlike many other blockchain startups, we have a solid starting point in an existing and working platform with more than 1 million monthly users called OpenHours.

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This is your time to change the future!

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