Futourist token crowdsale

Your chance to take part in the booming travel industry

Token crowdsale starts in:

Crowdsale FTR available: 250,000,000

Token crowdsale information

Token crowdsale start date

15th February 2018

  • Total token supply: FTR
  • Tokens in crowdsale: 250.000.000 FTR (25%)
  • Crowdsale threshold: 700,000€
  • Crowdsale hard cap: 4,000,000€
  • Price per FTR: 0.016€
  • Tokens accepted in ICO Ether (ETH)

Token distribution

Token crowdsale

  • 250,000,000 FTR tokens

Futourist will offer 25% of tokens in the FTR token crowdsale, starting February 15th 2018. The funds raised will be spent on future platform development, business operations, marketing and PR, legal, team and other expenses. Goal here is to get funds to develop and maintain the platform.

Crowdsale chart


  • 450,000,000 FTR tokens

Through the scaling period of Futourist (expected to start early 2019), we'll use the Community token pool for rewarding content creators with FTR tokens as well as getting initial businesses on board. The goals here are user acquisition, boosting user retention and spreading awareness. A small part of this pool (1%) will be spent for Crowdsale Awareness Competitions.

Community chart


  • 180,000,000 FTR tokens

We are allocating 18% of FTR tokens for existing and future team members, advisors and field experts. This will enable us to build a solid team crucial for future growth of Futourist. Team members are a subject to a 27-month vesting plan, when cashing out for them will be at first forbidden and later severely limited.

Crowdsale chart

Future partners & projects

  • 120,000,000 FTR tokens

12% of the token supply will be reserved for future projects which will include recognized brands, influencers and other beneficial partnerships outside our platform. This will be important for the expansion of Futourist platform and its mainstream adoption. The goals here are branding and awareness spreading.

Crowdsale chart

Token crowdsale discounts

  • First 48h: 14% bonus
  • 1st week: 9% bonus
  • 2nd week: 6% bonus
  • 3rd week: 3% bonus
  • 4th week: 0% bonus
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