Futourist 1st round of competitions concluded - thank you

Read the instructions & claim tokens
Phase 1 - April 4th: All bounties are closed

From April 4th all bounties are closed. Sharing, liking and commenting our posts does not bring any stakes. We will create new bounties within 2 months with a new set of rules, so keep an eye out for our announcements.

Phase 2 - Claiming

About a week later, all bounty participants will be able to enter their ERC20 compatible wallet address via new function called “Claim”.

  • Login to https://futourist.io/compete with username and password used in bounty
  • Click on User Profile link in upper right corner
  • Enter your ERC20 compatible wallet address (this is where we will send reward FTR)
  • Click "Claim wallet address" button
  • Wait patiently, please, and read Phase 3 below
Phase 3 - Waiting

Because Futourist will be delivering the competition tokens with a script, we need to make sure most of the competition participants have returned to the platform and entered their ERC 20 Wallets. This means we are opening a 3 week “Claim” period where competition participants may enter their wallets. After that we will be distributing first batch of competition FTR.

For more details on the bounty competitions and token distribution, please read our blog post:

Read blog post