Demands for the content of this medical work regarding the pupil. The part associated with manager

Demands for the content of this medical work regarding the pupil. The part associated with manager

The requirements for assessing pupil research

1. The therapy regarding the research. It is necessary that even if utilizing the systemic and integration approaches, it ought to be a work with therapy, without a clear bias in management generally, marketing, pedagogy, legislation, philology, etc.

2. The degree of relevance and practical need for the study problems.

3. The amount of elaboration of theoretical product: overview of the literary works, comprehensively reflecting the developments of domestic and international experts with this topic. Not only the literature referencing is welcomed, but additionally analysis, contrast and benchmarking the various views of boffins, on such basis as that your student formulates the author’s place.

4. The connection between theoretical and empirical product. Relevance of the investigation at the mercy of its content.

5. collection of diagnostic tools and research test.

6. The amount of research outcomes.

7. The degree of interpretation of research outcomes (level of analysis).

8. The standard of suggestions provided by the pupil potential audience.

9. Quality of work’s design.

10. The amount of research’s independence. The analysis ought to be carried out by the pupil separately, using the participation of other individuals just as subjects or specialists. Duplication and copying of studies carried out by other authors (plagiarism) is strictly forbidden. The existence of components of independent medical imagination, the formula and reason of their very own way of solving the debatable dilemmas of this theory and training of therapy, the separate nature associated with presentation associated with the product in addition to formula of conclusions in line with the link between the research are valued.

11. imaginative approach. You will find subjects which are examined in numerous combinations by pupils from year to 12 months – they may not be valued. (more…)