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We are Futourist

Blockchain based review platform where everyone gets rewarded.

Futourist is blockchain review platform, developing a blockchain based solution that rewards users for their review contributions. Using completely unique system of value measurement and token distribution, Futourist is able to effectively run review contest that focus on quality of reviews instead of quantity. Our vision is to provide software solutions, token model and mechanics, that stimulate community building environment where users create and curate review content.

We are here to change the world for CONTENT CREATORS!

Ziga Luksa, Futourist CEO

Who is Futourist?


Žiga Lukša Slika

Žiga Lukša

CEO & Co-founder

Inspired by unusual details and how things intersect, he has an ability to transform those intersections into something new. He is amazed by people who create all kind of content. His favourite quote is “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” and this is why he believes blockchain will change the word.

Nino Kutnjak Slika

Nino Kutnjak

CTO & Co-founder

Interest in variety of topics lead him to build deep interdisciplinary understanding of development, graphic design, marketing and everything that makes great brands tick. Believes best knowledge comes from books and working with great teams.

Arne Zabkar Picture

Arne Žabkar

COO & Co-founder

Excited by all the possibilities of blockchain. Loves reading about technology in general. A fan of podcasts and interested in discussion of numerous topics. Thrilled by the thought of humanity becoming a multiplanetary species. Believes people should focus on their own life and not compare it much to others – Everyone has their own path.

Simon Bohlin portrait

Simon Bohlin

Full Stack Developer

Gorazd rajar portrait

Gorazd Rajar

Gamification / Web Developer

Sean portrait

Sean Timmins

Full Stack Developer

Arne Zabkar Picture

Maja Fister

Head of Communications

Anja Kohek Portrait

Anja Kohek

Graphic/Web Designer

Field Experts

Primož Kordež

Primož Kordež

Blockchain Token Model Advisor

Nino Slika

Michael Amy

Former AI Consultant for the UN World food programme

Nino Slika

Ram Dušić Hren

Applied Mathematics


Nino Slika

Tim M. Zagar

Co-founder & CEO – ICONOMI

Nino Slika

Alexander Vasylchenko, PhD

Co-founder & CEO - Sofitto
Former CTO - Mycelium

Zenel Batagelj Portrait

Zenel Batagelj

Strategy advisor - ICONOMI
Team strategy -

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